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Ensure the safety of your people, premises and assets with our trained and professional security officers and guards.

Manage the safety and security of your assets, premises and people.

Whether you need security for a business premises or private function, or need added protection for your assets, premises or people, our professional security officers and guards can provide a highly-visible security presence.

  • No job is too big or too small
  • We provide tailored solutions for your unique needs
  • Ad-hoc, short-term and long-term solutions are available
  • We value lasting, professional working relationships

We'll work with you identify your needs and create a security plan for maximum efficiency.

If you need to ensure employee and personnel safety, provide protection for valuable assets or premises, or need experienced security guards on-call, we can provide a professional, fully integrated security service that minimises risk.


Some of the services we offer include:

  • Security patrols
  • Personal and VIP protection
  • Asset protection and logistics
  • Emergency and duress response
  • Risk analysis and operational plans
  • Small and large scale event security
  • Mobile patrols and vehicle-based security
  • Crowd control
  • Static security guards

Our difference

Professional customer service

We’re a local Australian company, and we believe in regular, face-to-face communication. We value relationships over profits, and operate with the highest professional standards.

Focused on prevention

Prevention is always more effective than cure. Our management and risk assessment plans allow us to identify any possible issues and minimise incidents.

One stop shop

With an experienced team capable of managing the full spectrum of security solutions, we can add value to your security service by integrating it with other related services like mobile patrols or CCTV.

Ensure the safety and security of your people, premises and assets with trained and professional security officers and guards from Agile Security.