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Deter crime and manage common areas with Agile Security’s advanced technology and professional service.

Stay in control with a security team focused on clear communication

Mitigating risk in a retail or shopping centre environment is equal parts professional on-ground presence, advanced monitoring systems, and smart reporting.

  • Quickly manage and report on first aid incidents.
  • Stay up to date with maintenance and safety checks.
  • Manage expectations of customers, tenants and property managers with multi-stakeholder engagement.
  • Capture CCTV footage of shoplifters, as well as safety incidents.

How we do it

Our focus is on regular contact with management teams, to ensure we cover any issues that arise and make sure they’re dealt with as soon as possible. We provide effective security with a friendly face, helping customers and tenants feel safe.

Some of the retail and shopping centre services we provide include:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • Risk mitigation
  • First Aid incident management
  • Maintenance and safety checks
  • Late to open or early to close measures
  • Tenancy audits

Our difference

Uncompromising customer service

We regularly communicate with property managers and collaborate with stakeholders to effectively manage risk, while employing a friendly and professional demeanour.

Advanced technology and reporting

Our operations are highly advanced, using technology to maximise our efficiency and safety. All our staff use Agile Security’s app to provide real-time customised reports.

Focused on prevention

Our CCTV monitoring and safety and maintenance checks are designed to identify potential issues before they occur, minimising safety incidents and preventing loss.

Minimise the risk of incidents impacting your bottom line with Agile Security's effective retail and shopping centre security.