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Enjoy the confidence and security of our comprehensive executive and VIP protection solutions.

Safeguard every moment of your tour with end to end security plans

Our expert security team protects individuals with carefully tailored operation plans, and liaise with stakeholders, venues and other agencies to ensure the whole process is smooth and comfortable.

  • Ensure back stage and dressing room areas are safe and secure.
  • Organise a personal guard on flights and other travel arrangements.
  • Enjoy one point of contact, so you only need to get to know one person.
  • Know you’ve planned for everything with detailed risk analysis.

Our labour-intensive process includes a personalised service and tailored operational plans to ensure every aspect of your tour and travel arrangements are safe.

Our 24 hour high tech operations allow us to plan the best possible routes and timelines with a single point of communication linked to our operations centre for peace of mind.

Our executive and VIP security solutions include:

  • Tracking capability and a radio network
  • High tech GPS planning and routing
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Movement and escorting
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Back stage and dressing room management
  • International travel to and from the toured country

Our difference

Uncompromising customer service

We offer a hands on service, ensuring our plans are tailored to your unique needs. We always present a professional and friendly face to the individual we’re protecting.

Advanced technology and reporting

Advanced technology maximises our efficiency and safety. Our app allows us to meticulously manage travel plans and routing, as well as communications with the operations office.

Collaborative stakeholder engagement

We organise and collaborate with all external stakeholders, including management, agents, and event security personnel, helping to ensure a smooth and secure process at all stages of your arrangements.

Protect executives and VIPs with smart security solutions that take every step into account.