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Keep patrons, staff and assets safe with comprehensive crowd control and event security tailored to your needs.

Managing your event at every level

Agile Security offer a full security solution for crowd control and event security. From private events to large festivals, you can trust us to deliver a friendly and effective security solution.

  • Meet all your legal requirements
  • Access detailed online incident reports in realtime
  • Prevent security issues before they arise
  • Coordinate external teams and management

How we do it

Our team takes a holistic approach to planning the security for your event. We inspect your site, evaluate any risks, and then create a complete management plan to give you peace of mind. Pricing is then decided based on the size of your site and its licence.

Your management plan may include:

  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Cash-in-Transit Protection
  • Marshalling
  • RSA Security Procedures
  • Patron Care
  • Crowd Management
  • Crowd Movement Metrics

Our Difference

Advanced technology and reporting

Our operations are highly advanced, using technology to maximise our efficiency and safety. All our staff use Agile Security’s app to provide real-time customised reports.

Uncompromising customer service

We understand that there is a certain atmosphere or ambience that you want your event to inspire. Agile Security are committed to providing excellent security solutions that fit the feel of your event.

Focused on prevention

Prevention is more effective than cure. Our management and risk assessment plans allow us to make sure any possible issues are accounted for before your event begins to minimise incidents.

Protect your patrons, staff and assets with Agile Security’s flexible crowd control and event security solutions.