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Why Commercial Security Systems Are An Essential Business Asset

21 Nov 2018

Virtually all businesses are at risk of break-ins, theft, and vandalism.

Criminals and vandals might act out of spite towards a particular business because your business looks like an easy target, or simply as a result of boredom or destructive tendencies.

Often, the first step in a business’ theft or vandalism strategy is organising property insurance to cover the costs of any incidents. Most property insurance companies require you to meet minimum standards to qualify for insurance. Unfortunately, this might not be enough to protect your interests if your business is targeted.

Prevention is better than cure

While property insurance is important, it isn’t going to stop theft or vandalism happening in the first place. After you take property damage, a tarnished image, lost revenue, and your own time spent dealing with the situation into account, insurance is unlikely to cover the real cost of a break-in. Even vandalism can have run on effects that affect not only your bottom line but also your and your employee’s sense of safety.

Rather than only looking at how to recuperate losses, your goal should be to first deter potential vandals and stop them before they’re able to cause damage. There are a number of different ways you can do this, including keeping the property well lit, displaying detailed alarm signs, or installing physical security guards on doors and windows. But one of the most effective ways to protect your business is by installing advanced commercial security systems.

Protecting your business from break-ins and theft is at the core of commercial security systems

Security systems have come a long way in the past few years. Modern commercial security systems use complex technology to provide a wide variety of security benefits to your business. Depending on the system or systems you use, you can:

  • Track and manage who has access to what within your business.
  • Control who is able to access the building.
  • Use video to detect suspicious behaviour and organise intervention.
  • Alert staff and customers of any possible smoke or carbon monoxide.
  • Review operations and reports via a mobile device.
  • Manage resource use based on where people are in your business

While off the shelf systems might be enough for small businesses with minimal security needs, businesses with larger premises, more staff, or high-value assets should look into a more sophisticated solution.

How monitored CCTV systems and alarms can prevent intruders and property damage

With a monitored CCTV system and alarms, you’re always in control of what’s happening on your business premises. Some CCTV systems now come with smartphone access, providing you with instant alerts for anything suspicious. In many cases in metropolitan areas, a monitored CCTV system can catch a vandal or thief during the act, and dispatch police before they leave.

Alarm systems have been a standard staple in security for many years. Although the systems themselves run similarly, they continue to provide benefits in keeping your premises safe. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, using both CCTV and alarms as part of your crime reduction strategy is likely to deter criminals.

How we can help you protect your business

Agile Security can provide a full CCTV risk assessment in regards to your premises and offer you a tailored solution that can meet your needs both financially and physically. We then provide all the equipment, installation and configuration (as well as regular maintenance) to ensure your CCTV system is something you will never have to worry about.

We also can facilitate a full CCTV / alarm monitoring solution from our National Operations Centre. As soon as a potential threat has been discovered, it triggers an alert and sends appropriate notifications sent. A mobile patrol unit then investigates and alleviates the concern to keep your premises and assets safe.

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